Friday, October 16, 2015

Stilly Coho October 8th

Update: The Stilly, Skagit, Sky are open to fishing for "game fish" but closed for salmon retention.

Well the pink salmon fishing is pretty much done, still a few pesky stragglers around.
The coho are showing and the Chum salmon are just around the corner. The later B run coho are always the biggest and fishing can be good well into December.
I have been very impressed with the amount of sea run cutts around too. Perfect fish for my new 3 wt. This is the time of year that you never really know what will hit your fly. In the past I have seen steelhead, coho, chum, dollys, and cutthroat all caught in 1 day. We call it the potpourri. 

Partner needed: Skagit November 27th or 28th - Let me know

On the Stillaguamish the city finally fixed the Haller park boat launch, makes for a good take out or launch down to I-5. I have some private access points to do floats on the lower river.. Nobody is floating it. Great cutthroat fishing and there is some nice coho around. Fishing for the coho isn't always easy but can be pretty good if you hit conditions right.  My last trip we hooked 5 but only landed one.

Huge Stillaguamish Cutty

The Skagit below the Sauk had been pretty colored throught the summer but now that the weather has cooled the glacier off the Suiattle will mellow out and the lower Skagit should clear up and be in good shape. Above the Sauk river the Skagit  looks great, has some nice coho, the closer to the cascade river the better. The bull trout fishing has been great too. They get big eating all the eggs/pink salmon flesh.

The Cascade river has some nice coho but better get there early... Locals hit it pretty early.

As for Steelhead the Methow opened. I'm booking dates for late October/early November. Should be a good year.
Dennis is on the Grande Ronde. His first 3 day trip was great, they saw a good number of wild fish and most were caught while skating flies on the surface. There is a early pulse of wild fish that usually show around late September. If you hit it right fishing is amazing. After that it gets back to normal. Right now Dad said the river has dropped and fishing has slowed down a bit.

Looking ahead I am already starting to book for winter/spring steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula. That is one of my more popular trips and books up solid. The sooner you know a date you want let me know.

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Tight lines and Happy fishing,  Dickson Flyfishing crew.