Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fresh Skykomish Bling!

Partner need for the 18th and Last Minute opening on the Cowlitz on the 19th in July, let me know if you interested - Mike D

Well the Sky is still a little high with a around 3 ft. of visibility. There is still a good number of fly bars that are fishing pretty good though. Looks like most rivers are trying to drop into the median river levels. You may get a good bump on a real hot day but the rivers are finally trying to drop.
We ran into a few nice fish on friday, both had sea lice! I talked to a few other fishermen that said they ran into some new fish too. Jeff got his first steelhead and Brook landed her first king salmon on the fly. I gotta admit, I was a little jealous when they left with the fish at the end of the day, they would have looked good on my new BBQ.
The Stilly has been a little high each time I went to check it out but has now dropped down to 1200 cfs - good time to start snooping around it.
We will be headed down to the kalama/cowlitz soon. We do have some availability if you lookn to get out for some summer runs.

Aug 16-30 Skykomish River trips
September 1-15 Stilly Tidewater Humpy/Searun Cutthroat
September 16-*30 Skagit Fall salmon
Methow trout fishing from the August 11th – 15th  (Dry fly fishing for beautiful cutthroat and rainbows. Good for beginners too)
Searun cutt school on the Stillaguamish August 27th

Grande Ronde 3 day camp out tirps for 2011 are: October 2-4th, 4-6th, 8-10th, 10-12th, 12th-14th,

Check out our Humpy salmper for some trick pink salmon flies.

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