Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Now booking - In less than 2 weeks the Methow River trout fishing starts! For any new trip booked I am including a dozen flies per person - Mention the "fly deal"

I have 1 guy looking for a partner on the Methow for trout on August 2nd. Dry flies and warm weather! If you need a partner for a different date let me know.  

Stilly report - There is a few deer creek fish showing up. The river below the slide is fishable at about 2.5-3 ft vis. Above the slide is pretty clear. The hatchery fishing has been a little slow but may pick up. There are some kings in the river.
I have heard the forecast for silvers in the late summer is looking good. There where quite a few last year.

Mexico report - 
Me and a buddy Jason had a great time fishing in Mexico. We hired a guide and fished on the
North side of Cozumel and I was very impressed with the fish numbers and opportunities. The scenery was also stunning. We both caught plenty of bones and in the later part of the day we started chasing Permit. We Both had multiple shot at them but with wind, throwing big crab patterns and there sketchy nature we didn't hook up.
We did chase a few huge barracuda's, I watched one follow ing my presentation all the way back to the boat before he hit but unfortunately he didn't stay hooked. We also had a good time throwing crab patters and sight to trigger fish. We got one hook up but jason was standing on his extra fly line and after the hook up he didn't have much time to clear it. Oh yeah we also hooked a couple baby tarpon one morning right in front of our hotel in Playa Del Carmen. Can't wait to get back.

On the horizon we have some casting and lakes fishing classes. 

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