Monday, March 28, 2011

Chris had a big day on the O.P. yesterday. He actually got a few others too, The little spot on the big one is sea lice - Fresh  Fish!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steelheading in full swing!

(Me holding Dakes fish)

Me and Dennis have been on the O.P. all week hitting a few different rivers. The rivers levels have been looking good and the fresh fish have been looking better. We have been having a ball with most days producing multiple fish. Seams like the average size of fish is bigger this year and lots of chrome bright fish. Chris hooked 5 today and lost a real nice one 2-3 minutes into the fight. The fly just popped free :(
Chris is kinda torn cause we have hit the same water 2 days in a row and had planned on hittn a different river tomorrow but it's hard to leave fish to find fish. We decided we would sleep on it and decide in the morning over breakfast. I told him either way it's a win, win; your fishing!

Till next week,

Mike and Dennis

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The rivers have dropped back into shape and we are finding some fish. We had a big day on the Queets the other day although the only fish landed was about 5 lbs. I had a couple guys cancel today so I did some walking in to a river that I hadn't fished much. On my third run I had some excitement. I started the run at the top thinking, it's a little swift but has a little seam that looks decent. On about my 5th cast down a huge fish just slamms my fly, I see a big flash in the water as I only have about 25 feet of line out. I pull my new 7 wt spey back to set it and snap. The rod breaks just below the first farrel. I did have my drag a little tight but not sure it that was the main reason break. The fish was still on my line so I scrambled to get the broken part of the rod and line. The fish rolls a couple times and as I get the line the fly pops free of the fish. Later I looked at my #2 octopus hook, it got bent out. That was a huge fish and I have never had a fish hit that hard with that much force. Later I went back and got my single handed rod to finish out the run. Further down the run I popped a 11-12 lb fresh fish (in the pic). That was nice, but wasn't like the first fish. We have been getting a little rain each day but it hasn't been much.  Things are lookn good and spring has sprung.

Happy fishing,

Mike And Dennis

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rain, Rain go away come again some other day ..

I have been moving most of my trips back hopefully the rain will give us a break and the rivers will drop back into shape this week. On the positive side this rain has to have brought a bunch of fresh fish in. Hopefully we can get a crack at them this week.

Thanks to you that took advantage of our living social deal we ran over the weekend. I made a separate web page with a automatic sign up sheet. at
More dates will will be added as they fill up.

Me and Dennis are pretty booked up for the spring steelhead guide trips especially after having to flip guys to different dates because the rivers were out of shape but we do have a few limited dates left. I know I have the 28th of March open and a couple dates right before the Queets closes on the 15th. I have booked all the guys looking for partners but I have a few new guys that are interested. If you want a partner and know a date let me know, we have be able to work with you.
After the 15th of April I will be fishing in Forks on the Calawah System. That can be a pretty good time.

We have a few interesting trips that we are kicking around putting together this summer and fall that we haven't offered to the masses. Check back with us or give us a call and we can let you know of some new trips we may be adding this year.

Please support CCA  they are doing a lot to preserve our fishing recourse's and fishing opportunity's

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