Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Stilly Cutty
We got some rain... so much that I can't fish for a day or two. Kinda sucks cause the Puget Sound rivers were is killer shape yesterday. A few feet of visibility, lots of fresh coho, few chums, some big sea run cutts, dolly varden and a few steelies around. The other day we caught 3 of those species and even a nice true rainbow (that I am starting to see more often) on the Stilly.

Stilly Char
The Skagit opened for a 3 fish kill for coho. Looks like the numbers are pretty good. I'd rather see a smaller number to harvest so we can keep the spawning numbers up. I have heard fishing is pretty decent though.

The Sky salmon always seem to be a bit more tight lipped to me and it get a little more crowded so I try to focus on other rivers.

The Methow just opened for steelhead. Should be a ok year. Not as many fish as a couple years ago. You have to keep your hatchery fish and once you get 2 you are done fishing for the day.

I have room for 1 person on Nov. 10th for a salmon/dolly varden trip on the skagit. $150 pp if interested. I am also starting to book out dates for the spring steelhead fishing on the O.P.

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Get some,

Mike D

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chris's fish
I love the sun but a little rain would be nice. With river flows and damn counts low on the Grande Ronde fishing has been tough. We had a few decent days and dad has been getting some on the lower river but guys are putting in some hours to get some action. We have caught some nice fish skating some bugs. Kudos to Blake for getting a 13lb wild fish that kicked his butt for 25 mins till he got payback with a dandy fish pic. A buddy of mine just got back from the Klickittat and fished hard for 4 days and didn't touch a thing. Most rivers around are experiencing the same problems... even the Yellowstone in Montana!

Word on the street is that the Methow may open soon. Don't quote me on that though. They may add a no fishing from a boat rule that I have mixed feelings about. Mostly to cut down the bobber boys. I'm not big on added restrictions to a river that has a bunch already but I will mostly swing fish anyways. It may help moral between bankies and floaters and keep to more traditional fishing techniques.

I am booking for salmon trips now! We will be doing some full day schools for Coho,(Chums if open) and dolly varden and what ever else hits. Booking now for Nov. 10th. 3-4 anglers per guide.

Those early guys looking to get there favorite dates for O.P. Spring steelhead I'm taking deposits now.

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Interested in half day classes let me know.

Mike D