Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Steelie fly: Metal Detector
 So much has been going on lately. I have been all over the place.

I have a guy looking for a partner for fishing the Methow July 29th and 30th. Let me know if interested.

The Sky has been fishing decent. It gets a little tougher as the water drops. But when the water drops you see less jet boats on the lower river. I try to avoid it if I can if the water is over 3000cfs on a weekend. The upper river looks good but there are lots of spots I skip now cause the water is low.

The Stilly has had some problems. There is some sort of slide that boulder creek is leaching from that is real dirty creating some pretty dirty water from there down. If you fish above there the water is real clear. From boulder down is fishable but I wouldn’t use skaters. Deer creek adds a little clarity and I have found some fish there. I keep thinking that boulder will clear up as the water drops but after a few weeks and not budging. I’m starting to think the color will hang around for a while.
C-post road has been gated, I’ve heard cause there has been some losers dumping trash back there. Seams to be the usual amount of fish this year, last year had a bunch more hatchery fish.

Last week I got a couple days fishing on the Methow. The water is starting to drop and the fish were looking up. Felt like the fish wanted dries vs. nymphs. I fished a hopper dropper rig the first day and just the dry fly the next day. Weather was beautiful and we had a blast.

I fished Pass Lake yesterday for a few hours. Choronomids and leaches were the ticket. It was a little windy and fishing picked up around 6:30 pm. Before I fished Pass I made a few casts on a beach on Whidby Island for pinks. Nothing was going on so I didn’t waste too much time. I have heard a few areas are starting to get them though. Just spotty right now. Fishing should get better soon.

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Mike Dickson