Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Views over the Methow
I just got back from a little vacation from the east side. We stayed with some friends in Mazama. The area is just amazing, cant wait to do some trout fishing on the Methow. I'll be running some single and multiple day trips in July - late Aug. 
Me and a buddy managed to get a day out on a small lake and do some fishing. The scenery was beautiful, and the fishing was killer. We literally caught fish on every cast. I had a 2 fly rig on for most of the day and twice I hooked and landed 2 fish on one cast. The fish weren't big, but feisty buggers. I have some other local info on some of the other lakes over there if your interested I can email it to you, just ask. Dennis is kicking around the idea of taking guys over there to do some lakes fishing with some guys. The idea would be to try to hit 2 or more lakes each day adding some variety to the guide trip.

The rivers are about to open. The Skykomish river levels are lookn pretty good right now. It sounds like the Skykomish is expecting a decent amount of steelhead to return due to a bigger smolt release than normal too.
June 9-10 is a free fishing weekend, so take a kid fishing - no license required.

I will be doing some trips to the Kalama river in July. If your interested get at me. My weekends are filling up.

Orange Tail Tube Fly
I added some killer new steelhead tube flies to streamsideflyshop.com

Happy fishing,

Mike & Dennis Dickson

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The last couple weeks we have been running casting classes and fishing local lakes. Dennis has run quite a few lakes classes. Some of the upcoming casting and lakes classes have availability. We will be doing some river classes once they open. The rivers open in a few weeks, can't wait! 
If you have never fished the methow in the summer for trout check it out, it's a good time. We will be running 3 day camp trips and single day guide trips.

We just did a presentation for the north sound CCA group in Burlington. They are doing some great work, thanks for having us guys!

Please check out washingtonanglerspac.com, the CCA can only do so much legally as a non profit organization. The WACPAC was set up to endorse and provide political support, provide a voters guide for recreational fishermen, and undertake the political efforts that recreational anglers strongly oppose.

Tight lines,

Mike D