Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update: I have a guy looking for a partner on march 1&2nd and march 4th.
Well it's been a mild winter which has made some really pleasant fishing conditions.
On the local scene the hatchery fishing has been slow on the Stillaguamish. Wdfw has closed the Stilly from Boulder creek up to Fortson due to low
numbers. I have heard there will be some future fish rehabilitation on or around the Blue slough area that may improve the fish numbers in the future.
The Cascade river up on the Skagit has also closed due to low numbers. Usually if I am hunting hatchery fish I hit the Skykomish. The Sky has been getting some fish.

On the Skagit I have been dolly fishing which has been quite good. The last day out we hooked up with 13 with one around 28".

The Wild fish are starting to show around the state. And I chase them on the lower skagit and Sky. We have hooked one and landed another small one but numbers will get better and better as the season is just about to start.
I'm gonna try a day on the Sauk next week. It's been too long... used to be one of my favs.
I'll head out to the O.P. in a couple weeks.. Can't wait! The last few years have been great. I have some great openings and some guys looking for partners. Let me know if you want to get out there and hood some fish.
Dates looking for partners are March 22 and or 23rd.

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Happy fishing,

Mike Dickson