Monday, February 28, 2011

"Winter Steelheading"

Well old man winter won't seam to go away. Me and Dad both carried heaters on us and had to beat him back a few times during the day. I had my truck in 4WD most of the time last week. On the peninsula we kept getting a shot of snow every day and about the time it would melt we would get another shot. The road crews on 101 did pretty good at keeping the roads clear but a few times the snow came down pretty hard.
It didn't slow the fishing down though. I went down with my buddy Jason and fished a hush hush river that he has been banging some fish on. That was a real treat. Beautiful little river. He caught a nice buck part waythrough out the day. He had a stinger trailing hook and the fish plucked at the back of his fly 3 or 4 times before he finally got stuck. The water was clear and cold so that isn't to surprising.
Our schools on the Queets went well. Big thanks to all the guys that came out with us. We had a great group of guys that we were able to turn into stealheaders. We found fish on both days. On Saturday the fish were camera shy and we did the long distance release thing. One of them looked like it was a nice one. On Sunday Chris had the hot rod and was able to catch his first steelhead on the fly on his first attempt at doing it. It wasn't a biggie but it counts. So far we are pretty happy with the stealhead season and it will only get better going into April.

We still have some openings on our March 19th Queets school and I still have a few guys looking for guys to $plit some trips with.

Tight lines,

Dennis & Mike<


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