Saturday, May 25, 2013

The rivers are about to open for summer steelhead on the 1st of June, I can't wait.

We have been fishing the local lakes and doing classes. The other day when we fished on my favoite lake we started the day trolling leaches and did the best with olive leaches. We saw a small callibaetis hatch and caught one fish on a cripple but with the cooler weather there wasn't a lot of  bugs on the surface. The surface fly they wanted was small, like a # 20.
After that we flipped back and forth from leaches to choronamids.

The fish were really onto a small red chironamid. Boring way to fish for me but if your catching fish it keeps you going.

If your looking to do some salmon trips this year I would let me know asap, trips are booking up now with the good reports of salmon #'s. Should be a killer year. From Sept 15th - Sept 29th we will do group trips for $175 pp. Make a group or join one.

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Happy fishing, 

Mike D