Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Salmon back to Steelhead...

Nick's Big Ass Humpy

I have been fishing every day this month so the blog is a bit behind. More like catching! There is lots of fish and it has been killer. Mostly pinks but have caught dollys, sea run cutts, silvers, a random steelie, and a older king that peeled off most of one guys line till we broke it off.

I am headed over to the Grande Ronde for a few weeks for some steelhead this Sat. Pop's has been there for most of a week. He said that the water is low but they were finding multiple fish each day. Most on dries.

After the G.R. I will fish Chum/silvers/dollys in between trips to the Methow for steelhead. I do have availability for those, the G.R. stuff is booked up.

Fall is a good time to be a fishermen. Get out and get some!

Mike and Dennis

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pinks are streaming into the rivers now.

We fished the opener on the lower Stilly for salmon yesterday. We have a way to float/motor the lower section with some private launch access. The river way busy but guys spread out a bit.
We found a lot of bright fresh fish. Most are coming in with the last tide. You will have a spot that is quiet then all of a sudden a pod of fish will roll in and rods will go down. We saw sea lice and chrome sides. We did spot some coho and a few lucky anglers around got one. 
Now the skykomish river is open till Sultan so guys have a few more float and walk-in options there.
Last minute partner needed for September the 13th for salmon - free flies with booking.
Check out our Humpy sampler for some trick pink salmon flies.

Pink Salmon: great for beginners, family and anybody that likes to CATCH fish: Most spots you can Keep 4 fish for the BBQ.
The Pinks are being caught around area beaches. They have been streaming into our local rivers and the lower sections of the Sky and Skagit is open tomorrow the 16th! The Stilly opens on Sept 1st.
We are booking trips now and have some good dates available. We are looking to book up to 3 people per trip. These are $150 PP. If your a single and want to get out for a good price that is a great way to go. We have lots of people looking for partners.  
Sea run Cutts - Now on the Stilly inquire for dates.

September 1-15 Stilly Tidewater Humpy/Searun Cutthroat and Skykomish river
For the killer upper Skagit Pink dates from September 16th - 30th we only have the 25th open.

Grande Ronde: Just trying to fill one spot on the 10-12 3 day trip. Let me know if you interested! This is a great river to learn to steelhead fish and to try to get a steelie on a surface fly!

Methow for Steelhead: Booking the week of October 23rd

Chum Salmon/Dolly varden: November - Looking for partners for the 18th
Tight lines,

Mike and Dennis Dickson