Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer loving

Scrappy little wild fish
Summer is here, and the rivers are in nice shape.
As the rivers opened the Sky has been a little busy with anglers and jet boats but that should mellow a little as the summer goes on. There are good numbers of chinook showing and normal numbers of steelies.

The Skagit was a real sleeper, not a lot of guys and some fish. The tribe has started netting due to the sockeye so that has mellowed.

There is a few fish in the Stilly but that will get better for the wild fish the closer to july we go.

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If your looking to do some salmon trips this year I would let me know asap, trips are booking up now with the good reports of salmon #'s. Should be a killer year. We will start our salmon trips in early August. Sept 15th - Sept 29th we will do group trips for $175 pp. Make a group or join one.

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Happy fishing,

Mike D