Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camp pool on the G.R. (Steve in the pic hooked up minutes later)

Update - last minute opening on the Methow for steelhead Oct  30 and/or 31st.
I just got back to from the Grande Ronde. The river was consistently putting out fish with a little better than normal fishing. There was a rain that brought the river up in early Oct. that really helped. Also the weather was warm! On the 12th we woke up to 68 degree weather and the water temp was perfect for skating dries.
We had some great takes with some fish coming to the fly up to 4 times before the take. Dicksons's Crystal caddis was our top dry fly.
Hooked up

On the local scene the cutthroat fishing has been great. The coho..... where's our puget sound coho. The snohomish system has the most fish but also know as the worst biters. The skagit has a decent number but the natives are running up and down the river drifting nets so if you fish above birdsview you have a better chance.
The Stilly has been dead compared to what its supposed to be. I know there is some fish in the bay so hopefully the high water last night finally brought them in. Mid to late October is best anyways.

The Methow just opened and I talked to Griff who says guys are catching some fish and that the slide doesn't have a big affect on the river right now. I'll be headed over there in a week and have a guy looking for a partner on the 27-29th.

Looks like all our hatchery steelhead that would be river bound are now headed into our local lakes. What a waste of time and money. So I guess for good steelhead fishing go fish in Green lake :)
I'm torn on the issue of getting rid of hatchery fish as I know if we do more rivers will probably close and the ones that do will close longer. In the end I know it's better for wild fish but it doesn't stop the biggest problem of tribal netting.

On the horizon we have some casting, and river float classes. 
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Mike Dickson
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