Friday, March 11, 2016

Fredward with a Sol Duc Steelie

The Just got blown off the O.P. rivers yet again. I wish the Skagit and Sauk rivers were open. The Skagit got 8600 fish last spring (above the 6000 escapement goal) and the Hoh will only average around 2500. Check out the Occupy Skagit at the end of April and attend! I'll be there. 
With the last rain I think I could have floated all the way to my house.
Rivers I have fished lately:
The Sol Duc  was the only river fishable early in the week so it got pretty crowded. I did the hatchery drift down to whitman. Pretty much had to nymph the water till we got below maxfields. From maxfields down there are more swing spots and some actually swing better with the higher water. The river fished ok, the checker said the average boat got 0 - 2 fish. I did see a couple big fish caught.
I didn't fish the Calawah but the reports were a little better with 1-3 + fish per boat.
As the bogashiel became fishable (2+ ft of vis) that open up more options. Much better swing water and easier to float than the Sol Duc. With the recent flood it will be out for at least 4+ days. It does get clearer above the 101 bridge. 
Earlier I did float the Hoh from the park boundry to oxbow. There was a a nasty log across the river just a little way into the float. You have to quickly drop into a side channel on the right. I actually had to jump out of the boat and pull it into it to get to it in time. It would be hard to do if the river is over 3000 cfs. There is also another split that you have to take to the right a little further down. There has been a few boat flips on the float so I wouldn't do it if your not experienced. From morgans down is easier and some spots changed with even better swing water. It was fishing very good. 
The Queets has been out of shape. I did manage to get a day the lower float a couple weeks ago. Great water, changed a bit but not allot. It will be out for a while. Look to hit the upper float first as it will clear faster.
The Humptulips was ok. I fished from 101 down. It has some nice water but I wish it had some better rocks. You need a key access the water in the upper section. I'd like to get that next year. It has some better rocks. 
The lower Quinault has been blown. The upper Quinault is another river to look too as it is one to clear faster than some of the others. The upper part of the float is short so you have to take your time. Great swing water. The middle of the upper float changed quite a bit with a couple braids. The lower part of the float is longer but rowing threw the lake sucks with my raft. That area has lots of braids and log jams to don't do it if you don't know it. Right at the mouth is fun for bull trout though. There are a bunch waiting for fry to flush out. 
Lets hope the worst of the rain has past and we rest of the season gets better conditions. This is the magic time to fish over there.

Look forward I am already booking for the Grande Ronde steelhead in October. Our 3 day camp is a lot of fun. That river is one of the prettiest rivers you will ever fish. Good trout fishing and skating flies for steelhead is a blast. 

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Tight lines and Happy fishing,  Dickson Flyfishing crew.

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